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      These cozy women's diabetic socks are made with high performance and comfort for diabetics in mind. They offer excellent support to lower the risk of foot ulcers and are made of soft-touch polyamide. You'll spend less time sitting at your desk and more time doing the things you enjoy because they are designed to keep your feet cooler and more comfortable. They have CoolMax TechnologyTM, which aids in circulating blood while keeping your feet dry and cool. They are light, breathable, and non-itchy because they are made of 30% spandex and 70% nylon. When going barefoot, we advise putting a pair of socks on each foot.
      • Premium Diabetic Crew Socks – Ideal for women suffering with circulation problems caused by pregnancy, diabetes, edema, neuropathy, or age our compression socks for women help reduce swelling in the feet and ankles so you can stay more active.
      • Improve Natural Circulation 
      • Moisture-Wicking Coolness
      • Seamless Front Toe Fit 
      • Classic Ladies Color Options