High Quality Men's Cotton Socks | Elyfer Collection


      Men's Premium Cotton Socks

      These men's premium cotton socks were made with functionality and comfort in mind. With the advantages of antimicrobial technology and being soft to the touch,
      • ELYFER Dress Cotton Socks for men are made of cotton 65% Polyamide 33%, Elastane 2%
      • USA Design and EUROPEAN manufacturing
      • Walk in greater comfort
      • Enjoy the right temperature)
      • Eliminate odor
      • Avoid moisture
      • Care for your skin

      These premium 100% cotton men's socks have a perfect fit, a soft feel, and extra absorbency. These socks will give you the long-lasting comfort you want even if you put them to the test repeatedly thanks to their strong stitching and durable seams.

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