Women's Cotton Socks

High Quality Women's Cotton Socks | Elyfer Collections

      These Women's Cotton Socks have the appearance and texture of wool but are much softer. Our distinctive sock design complements the traditional styling. Your attitude for the day is determined by the first pair of socks you put on in the morning. Socks have a sleek, understated appearance. You'll feel as though you're wearing silk when you wear these socks. Wool is naturally odor- and bacterial-resistant. It also quickly dries and wicks moisture. Because cotton is so absorbent, it keeps your feet warm and dry.
      • ELYFER Dress Cotton Socks for Women
      • Cotton 65% Polyamide 33% Elastane 2%
      • USA Design and EUROPEAN manufacturing
      • Walk in greater comfort
      • Enjoy the right temperature
      • Eliminate odor
      • Avoid moisture
      • Care for your skin

      These comfortable and stylish cotton socks are perfect for any day at the office. The men's version is also available.